How To Enhance The Look Of A Wooden Floor


Wooden flooring has a number of advantages over carpet. Although it is hardwearing it may still require some maintenance work every now and again to ensure that it stays looking its best. There are several methods that you can use to improve the appearance of your wooden floors.


Cleaning and Buffing

The easiest way to keep your floor looking good is to keep it clean. There are many different detergents that are on the market that are suitable for all types of floors. When you are mopping the floor you do not want to leave it wet for too long as there is a danger that water could soak into the floor and cause it to become misshapen. It is better to use a mop that is just damp rather than wringing wet. Once it is clean then the floor can be buffed and this should be done with a small amount of wax and a soft cloth.


Scratch Removal

If you have a scratch in your floor that does not go too deep then it can usually be easily repaired. You should be able to purchase a scratch repair kit that is very simple to use. These types of kits come in a variety of shades so that you are able to choose the one that matches your flooring. In some cases you may only need to use a wax crayon if you can find a color that matches. This is a job that will usually only take a couple of minutes and it is something that can be done by people of all DIY abilities.



Sometimes the only thing that will get a floor looking as good as it can is for it to be recoated. This is something that you may want to get a professional company in for as they will be more experienced and will also have access to all the tools that are needed. The first step in recoating your floor is to sand it down so there are no traces of any previous varnish. You will also need to make sure that the floor is completely dry. The new varnish can then be applied to the floor and it should be remembered that it may take several hours before the floor has dried enough for you to be able to walk on it.


The method that you choose to use on your floor will largely depend on the level of damage that your flooring has. Floor polishing Melbourne will only usually be needed as a last resort and there are often simpler and cheaper methods available. There are also steps you can take to try and prevent any damage to your floor such as not letting anyone walk on it with heels and keeping it clean and dirt free. If your floor is new or has just been recoated then you may want to try these tips to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Beautiful Mountains from Across the Globe


There are plenty of mountain ranges spread out across the globe. They are located in the northern hemisphere on the continent of Antarctica, they appear along the borders of Europe and Asia and mountain ranges are eve located within the warm climates of South America. Regardless of where mountain formations are situated; they are truly some beautiful land formations that people should know about. Here is a list of the most beautiful mountains from across the globe.


The Matterhorn of Switzerland


The Matterhorn Mountain is located within the nation of Switzerland. This mountain range has a natural pyramid shape and it is truly a popular landmark within this country. This peak is located on the southern part of Switzerland along its border with Italy.


What makes the Matterhorn such a beautiful mountain range is its unique formation and snow covered slopes. Many people who see this range in person is blown away by its great beauty. It is a major tourist attraction within Switzerland that many people see every year.


Kirkjufell Mountain in Iceland


Another European mountain formation that is considered one of the most beautiful in the world; is the Kirkjufell mountain that appears in Iceland. Kirkjufell has a unique shape. It looks like a gigantic smooth edged structure; that has a wide winding spiral-like pattern that twist all the way to the top of its peak. This particular mountain range resembles a scoop of swirled ice-cream. It has three waterfalls located at its base which helps to add to its glamorous appearance.


Table Mountain of South Africa


Table Mountain in South Africa is an original mountainous land structure that has a flattened peak instead of the traditional point. This mountain is located within the western region of South Africa and it overlooks the popular city of Cape Town. The flattened surface of this mount gives it a rare style that many mountains just do not have. This is what adds to Table Mountain’s beauty and charm.


The Mauna Loa in Hawaii


The Mauna Loa is located within Hawaii and it is one of the biggest mountain masses in the world and the known universe. The Mauna Loa is so big that it literally covers half the Big Island. This mountain is also an active volcano. The Mauna Loa’s charm is its size and even slopes.


This mountain is extremely wide and its slopes stretch endless from the base to the peak. This mountain blends in well with the Hawaiian countryside and landscape where it is situated. The Mauna Loa’s size and smooth shape is hard to ignore in terms of beauty and majesty.

Alpamayo Mountain in Peru


The Alpamayo mountain can be found within the southern region of Peru. This mountain range is located in a cold weather region of the country where snow, ice and sub-temperatures are present. The Alpamayo is jagged looking mountain formation. Its snow-covered caps make it hard to ignore. People who can brave the cold and elements are awed when they see this mountain up close and personal. It was voted as one of the most beautiful mountain masses in the world.

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Types of Mountain Homes.


People who prefer living separate lives where they do not have a lot of interactions with other people get mountain homes. These homes are found located in areas with sparse population where there are no or few people living around. There are four types of mountain homes which are:


Single Family Mountain Home

This is a home which stands alone in a large piece of land. These types of homes are owned by a single family which is responsible for both interior and exterior maintenance and repair costs. For homeowners who cannot be able to buy such a piece of land and then build can rent an already built home. However, it is advisable to discuss how you’re going to use the home and the land to avoid the aftermath. This is because some mountain towns have deed restrictions which do not allow accessory dwellings to be rented out for a long period of time.


Town house

A town house is a dwelling unit which has common walls in a mountain town where a single family can live in. In addition to owning the land where the town house sits on, the home owners also have full interests in facilities and common areas which are owned by most owners. Town house can be a duplex, a detached home or an individual structure all of which maintenance and repair costs are incurred by the owners in Home Association Area (HOA).



Condos are either separate units or a part of a multi-unit structure where people own individual units. In condos, the owners still have full interests in using common areas which are owned by HOA. Just like a town house, a condo can be a home which is detached, a duplex or even just an individual unit in a large structure. Those who own the condo should maintain and repair it if need arises at their own costs.

Since condos and town houses are much alike, there are both advantages and disadvantages of owning these homes. The following are some of their benefits:

  • These homes are very convenient and offers a considerable peace of mind to their owners because they live away from other people where HOA and property management professionals are monitoring the homes
  • There are different varieties of these homes to choose from making it very efficient for most homeowners to select one depending on features, location, amenities etc.
  • Condos and town homes come in different sizes and shapes for homeowners to choose from
  • They are usually affordable in price while still have a lot of benefits while living in them and hence a better option


However, these condo and town home set up has the following shortcomings:

  • Some people do not like the communal living in condos and town homes because they like living private lives. Also, some homeowners need spacious homes making these set ups limiting
  • HOA fees are sometimes very hefty failing to justify annual expenses you might spend
  • Most condos rent their premises for a short period of time making it hard to even know one of your neighbours especially if you are on a busy schedule
  • In case of poor HOA services, these homes could be shabby and unfit to live in

Timeshare home

This is the fourth type of mountain homes. Here, there is fractional ownership of the home without any physical division of the property in the home. Ideally, these are condo units which several people in ownership of the rights to use the property. To use the unit evenly, each share owner is supposed to use the property at a specific period of time e.g. a week and give the other owners a chance to use the facility.


In case you need to understand about mountain homes or the type of mountain home suitable for you, you can look for a real estate agent who has specialised in mountain homes for advice or opinions.